Best Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

There are a number of landscaping tips on the market in blogs, magazines and books to satisfy homeowners and landscapers and online there is a vast quantity of “how to” information readily available. In my numerous years of landscaping and gardening experience I have determined that in the wide range of tips offered there are only a few universal ones that should be used as staples and that apply to everyone. All projects are indeed different; however, some have common items and follow universal principles of landscape design. Landscapers should take their time and consider their end goal and what tips work best to suite their unique needs.


A great tip that applies to most landscapers is making a yard look great through-out all the seasons. This is harder than most think as winter has a way of making yards look bleak. This is why it is important to learn about different plants and trees that remain beautiful all year round. This will give homeowners a beautiful yard all year. If you plant only annuals or summer plants then come the winter months your yard will look baron like the arctic.


Do your research and look online and in local greenhouses to find the right plants. You will be looking for plants that can thrive in climates all year round. For some people that live in warm climates all year round this is still an item of importance because you will still want plants that will do well in your climate. Even though a plant may thrive in a warm climate it may wither and die if it gets too much heat or too little shade. Plants that will do well in all climates will still look their best in certain seasons but you can make sure that your yard is a mixture of plants that look their best at different times. Your garden can be like an orchestra playing beautiful colors at different times cued to the seasonal change.


The best place to find plants in your local greenhouse, garden center or garden supply company. To landscape gardens effectively ask the experts for advice and led their experience and knowledge guide you in your shopping. They will assist you in selecting the best trees and plants for you, based on your needs. Be honest with the staff and let them know if you have little time to focus on your garden because that may make a difference in the type of plants they recommend. A Google search or some online research will be good supplementary knowledge to help you make sure you pick the right plants and that you maintain them well. There are also many books in the library to assist you in your landscaping and gardening efforts. When you are starting out landscaping books are great assets to gaining knowledge quickly.


Remember to layer your planting beds too. This will balance your yard and give it a visual harmony in its design. Repeat the layers throughout your yard to give it a walk by appeal that is memorable. These are fundamental tips to get you started and well on your way to having a beautiful yard and being the envy of your neighbors.


There are many great landscaping books available to help landscapers and gardeners learn tips and tricks to maintaining a beautiful property lush with gardens, plants, trees and other outdoor decor. These tips will assist both hobbyists and professionals in growing there skills but there is always more to learn and luckily there is a great deal of information on this subject. Be the envy of your neighborhood with a well landscaped property and beautiful garden by developing your green skills.

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